Celsius Classic boilers

Celsius Classic solid fuel boilers

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Advantages of Celsius V and P-V classic solid boilers:

  • The classic boilers provide even heat distribution in a Celsius Heating System, whether used on its own or with open fireplaces or stoves.
  • Uses renewable energy.
  • Classic boilers produce useable energy from any non-woody biomass
  • If required, coal can be used as a source of fuel. (Intended for non-woody biomass)
  • Firebox and internal frame are 5 mm thick resistant steel for durability and high pressure tolerance.
  • Operation is easy and economical.
  • Able to heat with other boiler or heat source (maximum of 2 bar pressure) in the one heating system.
  • Suitable for radiator, underfloor or combined heating system.
  • Able to produce drinkable hot water with domestic hot water package.
  • These boilers are easy and economical to operate. Their firebox is made of 5 mm thick steel by welding folded edges. The 3 boiler doors are made of cast iron and satisfy all necessary operational functions (filling, cleaning, air control). These boilers have one firebox behind the middle door.


(Destined for non-woody biomass)