Celsius Classic boilers

Celsius Classic solid fuel boilers

The Celsius Classic boilers are designed with reliability and durability in mind, making them ideal for heating family homes, small apartments, as well as smaller workshop and warehouse spaces. Among the advantages of Celsius branded boilers are the large firebox and the possibility of closed-system connections.

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Advantages of Celsius V and P-V classic solid boilers:

  • The classic boilers provide even heat distribution in a Celsius Heating System, whether used on its own or with open fireplaces or stoves.
  • Uses renewable energy.
  • Classic boilers produce useable energy from any non-woody biomass
  • If required, coal can be used as a source of fuel. (Intended for non-woody biomass)
  • Firebox and internal frame are 5 mm thick resistant steel for durability and high pressure tolerance.
  • Operation is easy and economical.
  • Able to heat with other boiler or heat source (maximum of 2 bar pressure) in the one heating system.
  • Suitable for radiator, underfloor or combined heating system.
  • Able to produce drinkable hot water with domestic hot water package.
  • These boilers are easy and economical to operate. Their firebox is made of 5 mm thick steel by welding folded edges. The 3 boiler doors are made of cast iron and satisfy all necessary operational functions (filling, cleaning, air control). These boilers have one firebox behind the middle door.


(Destined for non-woody biomass)