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  • Company name / Name: Celsius Plussz Kft.
    Address: Rákóczi út 24., Nagykőrös, 2750, Hungary
    Phone number: +36-20/962-5668
    Email address: perlaki [at], mandoki.zsolt [at], nagyker [at], kazangyar [at]
    Shop name: Celsius kazán áruház
    Tax number: 10458181-2-13
    EU VAT number: HU10458181
    Company registration number: 13-09-062288
    Bank account number: 10103812-57221248-00000005
    Contact person name: Perlaki Ferenc
    Contact person´s phone number: +36-20/962-5668
    Contact person´s e-mail address: perlaki [at]
  • » Pickup personally in our store
    The store with visual room of Celsius Plussz is in 24. Rákóczi street, Nagykőrös city, 2750.
    » Courier
    It is in progress!
    Total product weightShipping cost
    0 kg5 kg5
    5 kg10 kg7
    10 kg20 kg9
    20 kg30 kg11
    30 kg40 kg16
    40 kg50 kg21
    50 kg60 kg23
    60 kg70 kg25
    70 kg80 kg26
    80 kg90 kg28
    90 kg100 kg30
    100 kg150 kg33
    150 kg250 kg50
    250 kg500 kg50
    500 kg1 000 kg50
    1 000 kg Free!
  • » Bank transfer
    This payment method is suggested equally in case of delivery and pickup. After the order we send confirmation email.

    You can pay to these bank account:

    OTP Bank
    IBAN: HU78-11763426-75943884; SWIFT: OTPVHUHB

    UniCredit Bank
    IBAN: HU70-10918001-00000003-73100024; SWIFT: BACXHUHB
    » Cash
    You can pay with cash (EUR, HUF) personally in our store. In case of personally receipt of goods.
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