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Scald protection valve Kvs 4

Scald protection valve Kvs 4

Scald protection valve Kvs 4

  • Thermostatic valve with scald protection 35 - 60°C 4Kvs



    High performance adjustable thermostatic diverting valves. Its material is yellow brass.
    The pre-assembled kit, by means of a stainless steel flexible pipe, makes a counter-current circulation that warms the water along the recycling way.


    Technical specifications:

    • Maximum static pressure 10bar(PN10), dinamic 5bar
    • Maximum ratio between the pressures: 2:1
    • Maximum inlet temperature: 95°C
    • Setting temperature range: 35-60°C
    • Setting stability: ± 2°C
    • Maximum Kvs: 4,0 (82 l/min, 1,5 bar)


    The scald protection function stops automatically the hot water running if the cold water of necessary
    mixing is not enough.


    The tests are finished in the laboratory with 1 bar differential pressure just the valve itself:
    DN20 Kvs 4,0, the regulator in third position: Thot=65°C, Tcold=15°C, Tmix=51°C, (65l/min)


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