DHW tank package with timer circulation (160l)

DHW tank package with timer circulation (160l)
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Control of package is suggested with UNI2 what is in the two circles heating system.

DHW tank package content:

  • Scald protection valve with timer circulation pump Kvs 4
  • DHW pump unit 3/4"
  • Electric DHW tank with exchanger (160l)



Scald protection valve with timer circulation pump

35 - 60°C 4Kvs



Hot domestic water recycling kit for storage with coils and circulating pump

The kit allows to connect the recycling way of the hot domestic water to an instantaneous storage tank with coils in a very simple way. The pre-assembled kit, by means of a stainless steel flexible pipe, makes a counter-current circulation that warms the water along the recycling way.


High performance adjustable thermostatic diverting valves. Its material is yellow brass.
The pre-assembled kit, by means of a stainless steel flexible pipe, makes a counter-current circulation that warms the water along the recycling way.


Technical specifications:

  • Maximum static pressure 10bar(PN10), dinamic 5bar
  • Maximum ratio between the pressures: 2:1
  • Maximum inlet temperature: 95°C
  • Setting temperature range: 35-60°C
  • Setting stability: ± 2°C
  • Maximum Kvs: 4,0 (82 l/min, 1,5 bar)


Hydraulic scheme
Lowara Ecocirc Pro 15-1/65 circulating pump.
The headloss of the DomvS Circ 1 kit is measured between the points A and B of the hydraulic scheme.



The scald protection function stops automatically the hot water running if the cold water of necessary
mixing is not enough.


Recycling working way:
When the circulating pump starts, the cold water into the recycling loop, flowing through the flexible pipe, comes back warmed towards the gate H of the mixer; the gate C of the mixer is usually closed until when the temperature of the recycling loop is approaching to the one selected on the mixer (this condition rarely occurs). The recycling circulation into the recycling loop is working until the temperature is sufficient.


scald protection with timer circulation


  1. Expansion vessel
  2. DHW scald protection unit
  3. Circulating pump and check valve
    (included only in the models R and RU)
  4. Security valve
  5. Storage tank


A and B. Measuring points to determine the headloss.


The tests are finished in the laboratory with 1 bar differential pressure just the valve itself:
DN20 Kvs 4,0, the regulator in third position: Thot=65°C, Tcold=15°C, Tmix=51°C, (65l/min)







2-way unmixed pump unit 3/4"



DN20 pump units can be connected to heating systems with powers up to 35kW, with very low energy consumption assured by high efficiency synchronous circulating pumps. The connections to the distribution headers are made in ¾” thread (male on the distributor side and female on the loop side).


Measurements: 180x302x142 mm (EPP insulation box)
Centre distance: 90 mm
Circulating pump: Grundfos UPM3 AUTO L 15-70


Compact and up-to-date, the new series offers functions similar to those of the bigger sizes DN25 and DN32. Especially suitable to manage medium-low powers in small rooms, thanks to its centre distance of only 90 mm.

For power up to: 35kW (Δt 20K).
Maximum flow 1500 l/h.
Kvs value: 6.0


Approximate data calculated with a 6 m nominal lifting power circulating pump.


The unit for 1/2” (130 mm) circulating pumps consists of:



  • Connection 3/4”
  • Flanged ball valve with T-handle.
  • High efficiency synchronous pre-wired circulating pump (for the models that include it).
  • Flanged ball valve supplied with in-handle thermometer (coded red, range 0°C-120°C).



  • Flanged ball valve with non return valve 20 mbar (which can be excluded by rotating thehandle by 45°) supplied with in-handle thermometer (coded blue; 0°C-120°C).
  • Connection 3/4”


For an accurate measuring or for higher flows, please refer to the curve.


























Electronic DHW tank with exchanger



These water heaters represent a compact assortment of indirect enamelled water heaters with volumes between 80–1000 litres.

By choosing the appropriate type of water heater and its volume you may prepare hot utility water using the external power sources, such as gas boilers, solid fuel boilers, alternative power sources, heat exchange stations, district heating and their combinations.

Some types may be ordered with the auxilliary electric heating or added with heating units from the accessories section.



Exchanger surface






2000 W




2200 W




2200 W