One circle secondary without mixing valve heating system 5/4"

One circle secondary without mixing valve heating system 5/4"

Industrial heating pump units for radiator and floor heating - Without mixing valve

Content of package:

  • Heating pump unit without mixing valve 5/4"
  • Euroster 11M controller

Euroster 11M



Electronic, programmable controller designed for control of a three-way valve with actuator and CH circulation pump. It automatically maintains a constant temperature at a preset level or ensures a proper temperature of water in return piping in a CH system with coal-fired boiler. Possibility to connect a room thermostat. E11M controller is equipped with an AntiStop function which prevents seizure of the idle pump and valve rotor.


Controller function

  • keeps constant water temperature: in the central heating
    circuit or in boiler return
  • possibility of connecting room regulator
  • Anti-Stop function to protect pumps and valve against
  • frost protection
  • pump operation test
  • temperature reading correction


EUROSTER 11M operates in one of the two modes: heating medium temperature regulation (e.g. in floor heating) or return temperature stabilization. Operation mode is changed when restoring factory settings, provided for each of the modes.

Set 1: intended for system with heating medium temperature regulation

Set 2 intended for system with return temperature regulation


Technical specifications:

  • Power supply: 230V, 50Hz
  • Device controlled: mixing valve actuator, CH pump
  • Rated output load: 3 A 230 V 50 Hz
  • Rated power consumption: 1,6W
  • Operating temperature range: 5-40°C
  • Storage temperature range: 0-65°C
  • Temperature measurement range: 0-110°C
  • Temperature control range: 10-70°C (CH temperature congrol mode)
  • Temperature limit of starting pump unit: 20-80°C
  • Temperature control hysteresis: 2-10°C
  • Temperature control accuracy: 1°C
  • IP rating: IP40
  • Status visualization: backlit LCD
  • Colour: black
  • Mount method: wall-mounted, wall plugs
  • Weight (controller with cables): 0,76 kg
  • Certificates/standards: complies with the EMC and LVD Directives
  • Dimensions (W/HxD) mm: 150/90/52
  • Packing list: Euroster 11M controller, wall plugs, instructions,
    mounting template, sensor bands







2-way unmixed pump unit 5/4"


DN32 pump units, thanks to a very careful measuring of the specific components, have all the force points of range, such as functional capacity, reliability and versatility of installation.


They can be connected to heating systems with powers up to 111 kW, with a very low energy consumption assured by high efficiency synchronous circulating pumps Wilo Stratos Para and Grundfos
Alpha 2L. the connections to the heating loop or to the distributor are made in 1”1/4 female thread.
The overpressure control is given by the self-regulating pump units which, thanks to the integrated control of the differential pressure at constant Δp or variable Δp, allow to equalize the performances and
the efficiency of M3 pump units of DN25 series even in presence of very high flows (up to 4.800 l/h).
In the diagram at side you can see the typical curves of Wilo Stratos Para 30/1-8 circulating pump in the two available working modes.


Dimensions: 250x400x170 mm (EPP insulation box)
Centre distance 125 mm

For power up to 111 kW (with Δt 20 K)
Maximum flow 4800 l/h.
Kvs value: 21.0


Approximate data calculated with a 8 m nominal lifting power circulating pump (Wilo Stratos Para 30/1-8).

Unmixed pump unit 5/4


Available circulating pumps:

Grundfos Alpha 2L 32-60 (part of the package)
Wilo Stratos Para 30/1-7
Wilo Stratos Para 30/1-8


The unit for 1”1/4 (180 mm) circulating pumps consists of:



  • Connection 5/4”.
  • Flanged ball valve with T-handle.
  • High efficiency synchronous pre-wired circulating pump (for the models that include it).
  • Flanged ball valve supplied with in-handle thermometer (coded red, range 0°C-120°C).



  • Flanged ball valve supplied with in-handle thermometer (coded blue; range 0°C-120°C).
  • Connection with 20 mbar non return valve (ball valve side).
  • Connection 5/4”.