Celsius Pellet 200 Boiler

Celsius Pellet 200 Boiler
Celsius Pellet 200 Boiler
Celsius Pellet 200 Boiler
Celsius Pellet 200 Boiler
Celsius Pellet 200 Boiler
Celsius Pellet 200 Boiler
Celsius Pellet 200 Boiler
Celsius Pellet 200 Boiler
Celsius Pellet 200 Boiler
Celsius Pellet 200 Boiler
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Contents of the Equipment:

  • Celsius Pellet 200 Boiler + Fill-Drain Valve
  • Oxi PRO 150C 150kW Pellet Burner + tPell Controller
  • Pellet Storage Tank + Feed Screw


  • High efficiency: It has a 92% efficiency, resulting in significant energy savings.
  • Automated operation
  • Insulation: The boiler casing is insulated, which further increases efficiency and reduces heat loss.
  • Economical: The boiler provides an economical solution for meeting larger heating demands, offering reliable service in the long term.


Detailed Product Description

Celsius Pellet 200 Pellet-Fired Steel Boiler

The Celsius Pellet 200 boiler is a reliable, efficient, and economical solution that serves larger heating needs over the long term. Its design and operation ensure that users can provide the necessary warmth in an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly manner. Every detail of the boiler is designed for durability and efficiency, so operators can rely on the Celsius Pellet 200 boiler for long-term, dependable service.

Recommended Fuel:

  • DIN+ quality wood pellets

Boiler Accessories:

  • Boiler thermometer
  • Fill and drain valve

Optional Accessories:

Celsius industrial pellet boilers are suitable for modern heating solutions in industrial facilities, schools, factories, and apartment buildings.

The pellet burners achieve excellent efficiency (92%) by burning the specified quality and size of pellet fuel.

Main Features of the Oxi PRO 150C Burner Used in Celsius Pellet 200 Industrial Boilers:

  • Fully automatic
  • 150 kW power output
  • Provides optimal performance, contributing to the heating system’s efficiency
  • Made from high-quality materials

The Oxi PRO 150C Pellet Burner

The high-quality OXI burner head ensures the most optimal performance!

Thanks to its WiFi-connected controller, it can be easily operated via a mobile application.

The self-cleaning head does the dirty work, requiring no continuous attention (and is environmentally friendly).

Its user-friendly design allows for quick and easy installation and removal from the boiler!

It operates perfectly even with lower quality pellets!

Read more about it here.

The Celsius Pellet 200 boilers can be integrated into any heating system, from radiator heating to underfloor heating.

Our boilers are designed exclusively for operation with wood pellets (DIN+ quality, 6-8 mm diameter). Their construction is similar to that of a traditional wood-fired boiler, but they are much more economical to operate. They operate at very high efficiency, are equipped with an air-cooled steel plate door, require minimal maintenance, and will serve you reliably for a long time.


The boiler body has three control doors for easy handling. The doors are made of three-layer (1.5, 3, 5 mm) steel plates in an air-cooled design. A heat-resistant cord ensures proper sealing between the boiler body and the door.

  • The upper door allows for cleaning the heat exchangers.
  • The middle door (fuel door) is used to connect the Oxi PRO 150C pellet burner head to the boiler.
  • The lower door serves to remove combustion residues accumulated in the ash chamber.

Above the combustion chamber, the heat exchanger system allows the exhaust gas temperature to remain low, ensuring the heat from the exhaust gas is utilized.


The boiler body is insulated with 30mm thick insulation. The outer casing is made of 0.8mm thick steel plate, attached to the boiler body with sheet metal screws. For an aesthetic appearance, the casing and doors are painted with electrostatic powder coating (RAL 9600 color). The doors close flush with the steel plate casing, and the door locking mechanism handle is equipped with a Bakelite knob to prevent overheating.