UNI2 controller

UNI2 controller

Euroster UNI2 modern microprocessor controller

Control of two heating circles and Domestic Hot Water system at the same time.


UNI2 controller


UNI2 is a universal controller designed for heating systems equipped with:

  • Two central heating circuits with mixing valves (e.g. for heater supply and floor heating)
  • Domestic hot water (DHW) circuit
  • DHW circulation circuit

Thanks to its grapichal display the Euroster UNI2 cooling-heating controller gives precise and wide ranged information about its continous operation, making it lot easier to set and to check the device. The unit also includes anti-freeze function which prevents malfunctions outcoming of the freezing.
Furthermore the controller is useable for buffer tank and boilers, since it has an overheating protection. During overheating it overrides the signal from the room thermostatic.


Euroster UNI2 cooling-heating controller is equipped with: multifunctional double mixing valve controller,
quick to assemble set, graphical LCD display, advanced microprocessor technology, knowledge of five commander units in one and the thermal sensors.
Controller functions: mixed circles cooling-heating, two thermostat signal receptions, start two mixing valves, start domestic hot water pump, optional operating modes, start circulating pump, outer-temperature sensor, weekly programming option, launch other boiler based on room thermostat, anti-stop function, freeze prevention, overheating prevention.


UNI2 controller

The heating system controller is equipped with two separate mixing valve and pump controllers, which can be launched by room thermostat signal and tuned by outer temperature signal. Able to receive two separate thermostat signals which are voltage free. The mixing valves can be controlled to heat and cool by a weekly program.
Euroster UNI2 cooling-heating controller provides two other functions: launch domestic hot water pump of which’s operational mode is selectable (primary or secondary) even by weekly programming. Furthermore its able to launch a circulating pump which has great advantages that its launchable in two different operational modes: temperature surveillance or time definition. Both of these even by weekly programming.
+ automatic fail-safe pump control
+ floor temperation
The heating system controller is able to launch other boilers (ex.: gas boiler).

Opening dinamics:

UNI2 open dinamics

UNI2 example system:

UNI2 working

1. External temperature sensor
2. Room control unit for circuit 1
3. Temperature sensor for circuit 1
4. Central heating pump for circuit 1
5. Mixer for circuit 1
6. Supply temperature sensor
7. Room control unit for circuit 2
8. Temperature sensor for circuit 2
9. Central heating pump for circuit 2.
10. Mixer for circuit 2
11. Feed pump for DHW tank
12. Temperature sensor for DHW tank
13. DHW circulation pump
14. Temperature sensor for DHW
15. Circulation

UNI2 controller wiring:

UNI2 wiring

Back of the UNI2 controller:

UNI2 controller back

UNI2 sizes:

UNI2 sizes

Length of sensors included int he set:
1. Outdoor temperature sensor (5m)
2. Powertemperature sensor (1,5m)
3. CH1 circuit temperature sensor (1,5m)
4. CH2 circuit temperature sensor (1,5m)
5. CH3 circuit temperature sensor (1,5m)
6. Additional heat source temperature sensor (1,5m)

UNI2 technical data