Celsius anticondensing unit to 500 kW

Celsius anticondensing unit to 500 kW
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  • 90C controller
  • 3-way mixing valve DN 65 Kvs 90 – 1 pc
  • Wilo HF 65/0,5-9 High efficiency pump – 1 pc



Celsius anticondensing unit to 500 kW


High efficiency boiler protection package with its own controller for the following systems:

  • The boiler is directly connected to the heat dissipation circuit (without buffer).
  • The boiler works directly on a buffer tank.
  • The boiler works on a larger buffer tank for more serious heat storage complete with a motorized diverter valve. Optional accessory!


Pump data:

Energy efficiency index (EEI) ≤ 0,20
Max. Transport height 9 m
Max. Flow rate 32 m³/óra
Max. Static pressure PN 10
Network connection

1 ∼ 230 V ± 10 %, 50/60 Hz

Security rating IPX4D
Net weight ≈ 16 kg
Insulation classification F
Speed 950 - 4100 rpm
Power consumption 15 - 600 W
Current consumption 0,17 - 2,4
Motor protection Integrated DN 65
Interference resistance EN 61800-3;2004+A1;2012



Kesselschutzgröße 500 kW

Wilo keringető szivattyú 300 kw


90C control unit

Esbe 90 C keverőszelep vezérlő


The operating range of the mixing valve is 90 °, which can be easily operated by hand. In addition to two-point signal control, it is also capable of 3-point signal control.

The 90 C controller with two-point signal control can be used for 24 or 230 V AC, 50 Hz AC. Different run times are available from 15 to 60 seconds. The package includes a 1.5 m long network cable.

The auxiliary switch can be adjusted to any position or, with a unique solution, can be easily disassembled without tools, thus gaining access to the switch.


Ambient temperature

max. +55°C

min. -5°C

Power supply 23V ± 10% V C, 50 Hz
Power consumption 230 V 5 VA
Security classification IP41
Security department II
Auxiliary switch 6(3) A 250 V AC
Weight 0,4 kg



Kesselschutzdaten 500 kW



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