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Celsius DH fresh water modul - thermostatic

Celsius DH fresh water modul - thermostatic
  • Celsius DH fresh water modul - thermostatic
  • Celsius DH fresh water modul - thermostatic
  • Celsius DH fresh water modul - thermostatic

The equipment (20l/min) makes immediately fresh hot water, because it does not store water.

  • Celsius pump unit to deliver fresh DHW modul with thermostatic control 20l/min.


    DHW fresh modul


    Application: on the inertial cylinders or similar, connected to solar thermal installations, wood, pellets, biomass boilers etc. when the stratification is not a primary requirement. It provides fresh hot domestic water, avoiding phenomena of bacterial pollution, such as the legionnaire’s disease etc., made by the stagnation of the hot water.

    Fresh hot domestic water modul is provided with a weld-braised plate heat exchanger made
    in stainless steel AISI 316 and with a thermostatic mixer adjustable from
    45 up to 70 °C.



    • 50 kW, with variable flow up to 20 l/min, for domestic use installations;
    • Very low headlosses. The circulating pump starts to run at flows less than 1 l/min thanks to a differential
    • No electric wirings are required: the unit is pre-wired and shop tested;
    • Easy temperature adjustment, by means of the graduated knob of the MultiMix thermostatic mixer;
    • The heat exchanger can be easily removed in case of maintenance and/of cleaning;
    • PPE insulation box (398 x 500 x 207 mm). A special back plate fixes the unit to the insulation box and it
      allows a quick fitting to the wall or to the solar cylinder;
    • The pump unit is supplied with 3/4” Male connections (pipe-union).


    Technical features:

    • Max allowed pressure: 6bar
    • Working temperature: 2÷95ºC
    • Setting accuracy of Multi Mixing Valve: ±1ºC (Kvs 2,5)
    • Headloss in the secondary circuit: 3mH₂O
    • Minimum diameter size of the pipes: DN20


    DHW fresh modul



    dhv fresh water modul

    Vertical axis: mass flow (liter/minute)

    Horizontal axis: input heating water temperature (°C)

    (Input fresh water temperature is 10°C)


    The necessary buffer heating water’s temperature = planned HDW temperature + 10K
    It assures the necessary HDW longer time in base higher Δt.



  • Weight
    15.7 kg/db
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