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3-way motorized diverter valve 1"

3-way motorized diverter valve 1"

3-way motorized diverter valve 1"


    Motorized 3-way zone valve



    Motorized 3-way zone valve with spring return for closed hydraulic systems.


    Technical features:

    • Area of use: heating, conditionning and solar thermal (glycol max. 50%).
    • Power supply 230 VAC, 50Hz, absorbed power: 6W
    • Protection IP22
    • Nominal pressure PN10
    • Room temperature Max. 60°C
    • Fluid temperature: 5÷120°C; short time: 150°C;
    • Nominal opening time: 20 s. Springclosing: 6 s.
    • Kvs value 12,6
    • Without power AB->B
    • Weight 1,3 kg/piece


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