Celsius B-max boiler with 500 kW pellet burner

Celsius B-max boiler with 500 kW pellet burner

Celsius B-max 500 kW wood pellet boiler


Contents of Celsius B-max industrial pellet boiler:

  • Celsius B-max 500 boiler + filling/draining trap
  • B-max 500 kW wood pellet burner + screw feeder

Celsius B-max industrial pellet boiler


Recommended fuels:

  • DIN+ quality wooden pellet

Optional accessories:

  • Steel flues
  • Slag scrapper, ashpan
  • Celsius boiler cleaning package


Celsius B-Max boilers work only with wood pellet (DIN+ quality, 6 – 8 mm diameter). These boilers are adaptable to any different heating system (from radiator to floor). It is similar to a wood burning boiler but it's much more economical. The wood pellet boiler works very efficiently with layered air insulation steel door. It has low maintenance needs and serves you for a long time.


Fire place of wood boiler is high quality with 5 mm thick steel inside and 3 and 4 mm (300 – 500 kW) thick steel outside. Heating water runs between inner and outer sheet of steel and in exchanger in upper part of the boiler. The boiler is made with laser cutting, steel folding and appropriate brace between the inner and outer sheet of steel by welding. After the welding it gets two pressure tests on 4 bar pressure.



There are 3 control doors on the wooden pellet boiler for easy maintenance. The door is produced from 3 sheet of steel for proper insulation. Between the boiler’s body and the doors there are heat-resistant strings for insulation. 
The upper door is for exchanger cleaning. The middle(adapter) door’s purpose is to connect the boiler with the pellet burner, the lower is to remove the ash. The temperature of the passing smoke is already low due to the efficient exchanger system.


The boiler body has a 30 mm thick insulation. The external shell is 0,8 mm thick steel sheet and the doors are painted by electrostatic powder coating (with RAL 9600 painting) for aesthetics. The door shutters are made with bakelite handle against overheating.


B-Max 300 kW Pellet burner equipment
Bmax Technology burners have an innovative self-cleaning system which works on regular intervals: with this system the fuel grid is periodically freed from possible residue that could interfere with the correct combustion or that could induce the suffocation of the flame. In this way, the possibility of the burner shutdown and the consequent dispersion of fumes are avoided.

The B-Max 500 pellet burner contain safety equipments:

  • Burner safety thermostat (for preventing backfire)
  • Cutting valve fire (optional) (for preventing backfire)


Exclusive characteristics:

  • fully automatic
  • reliably turning on and off, thanks to safety sensors
  • self-cleaning system
  • made with high quality materials, including high temperature resistant steel
  • electronic self regulation based on the fuel used



Model Celsius B-Max 500
Max. output (kW) 500
Class5 498
Firing door sizes (mm) 1314x772
Upper door sizes (mm) 1314x920
Ashpan sizes (mm) 1325x780
Heating system dependant heatable air-space (m³) 10000-33000
Fuel dependant efficiency (%) 93
Heating water connection (") 2,5
Uptake connection (mm) 400
Height (mm) 2090
Width (mm) 1580
Depth (mm) 2560
Weight (kg) 4100
Water volume (l) 2200
Max. operation pressure (bar) 3
Max. operation temperature (°C) 90
Test pressure (bar) 4
Draught demand (g/s) 20,8
Firebox sizes (mm) (height*width*depth) 1325*780*2320
Pieces of exchanger 5


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