Celsius wood 90 - 125 boiler

Celsius wood 90 - 125 boiler
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In case of buying Celsius system package we insure 5 years extendable guarantee*!


*(It need to check the boiler condition annually and every non eletric part annually.)


The Celsius Wood Boilers have an outstanding, large firebox which can be fuelled with straw bales or wood logs. With its new design and increased efficiency is will provide efficient economic heating.
Celsius Wood Boilers are capable of producing heat to meet the needs of small factories, industrial and agriculture facilities.


In this category their 82% is an outstanding high efficiency.
These boilers have a large firing door(660x500mm).
Wood, log and straw bales are all adequate fuels.
Cleaning is easy due to the broad door. The insulation is 5cms thick and the multilayered steel door gives high efficiency as well.




Modul Wood 90 - 125
Firing door size (mm) 660*500
Maximum heat output (kW) 125
Heating-system dependant heatable air-space(m3) 1500-2600
Fuel-dependant efficiency (%) 82
Heating water connection (") 2
Uptake connection (mm) 300
Height (mm) 1800
Width (mm) 1110
Depth (mm) 1610
Weight (kg) 1050
Water volume (l) 1030
Max. operating pressure (bar) 2
Max. operating temperature (°C) 90
Test pressure (bar) 4
Draught demand (g/s) 127
Firebox size (mm) (height*width*depth) 860*860*1250



Mark Celsius wood boiler
A Height of boiler
B Weight of boiler
C Depth of boiler
D Cleaning door
E Firing door
F Secondary regulator slot
G Ash removal door (primary draught regulator)
H Explosive door
I Forward water connection
J Return water connection
K Uptake connection
L Automata draught regulator connection
M Manual and automatic regulator option
N Filling/draining tap connection
O Boiler thermometer connection
P Boiler safety valve connection


Celsius wood energiacímke


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