100 kW pellet hot air generator

100 kW pellet hot air generator

B-Max pellet hot air generator - 100 kW

Easy to install mobile heater for larger space heaters

EBH 100


Automatic heating of halls, storerooms, larger areas. Non-installation heating with biomass (wood pellets).Pellettel fűtés, B-Max, Celsius



The whole unit only needs a chimney, no heating, as it heats the room with hot air. For even heating in a split air space, you can connect to a ducted installation system with its accessories.


Eco friendly

Wood pellet represents a neutral impact energy source. This means that during the combustion process, they release a quantity of CO2 equal to that which the plant has absorbed during its growth through the photosynthesis process.




Wood pellets have a definite advantage over fossil fuels as they produced with renewable materials.



Starting from the same energy requirement, the use of wood pellets involves half the costs compared to fossil fuels.



Wood pellet systems are not subject to the risk of gas leaks such fossil fuel-fired system.





B-Max hőlégbefúvó méretek


EBH 50 Sizes
A 760 mm
B 1150 mm
B1 1835 mm
C 1830 mm
D 425 mm
E 930 mm
F 600 mm
G 120 mm
H 1490 mm
I 200 mm
L 1000 mm
M 500 mm
N 90 mm
160 mm
Weight 420 kg




Hot air supply pellet systems can be used in industrial and civil environments with low installation and operating costs and quick commissioning.

They are characterized by a fully automatic operating system.

The combustion chamber is designed with high quality materials in order to obtain the maximum heat exchange between the incoming air and the outgoing air ,and to guarantee the longevity of the system, high efficiency and energy savings.


Operation drawing:

B-Max hőlégbefúvó


  1. Air discharge heads with regulating fins
  2. Heat Exchangers
  3. Flame control glass
  4. Burner mounting flange
  5. Combustion chamber
  6. Electrical control panel
  7. Double suction centrifugal fan
  8. Filter with protection net
  9. Filter box
  10. Suction grill



Generals Nominal power (min-max) 40 - 100 kW
Hourly consumption* (min-max) 7,5 - 19 kg/h
Electric power 2,40 kW
Direct throw Air flow 6800 m³/h
▲t AIR max 44,3 ˚C
Air throw 24 m
N˚ of heads 3
Level of noise at 1.5 mt 72 dB(A)

Ducted installation

Air flow 7800 m³/h
Net static pressure 180 Pa
▲t AIR max 38,6 ˚C
Level of noise at 1.5 mt 67 dB(A)

*consumption calculated with certified wood pellets UNI EN 14961-2 con P.C.I. 5,2 kW/kg



Indoor installations


beltéri közvetlen B-Max hőbefúvós fűtés

Direct throw with Plenum for air discharge heads




Szellőztető rendszeren keresztüli fűtés

Ducted installation with multiples hot air outlets


Outdoor installations


Kültéri direkt fűtés

Extrenal installation with direct throw


Kültéri fűtés szellőztető rendszeren keresztül

External installation with ducted throw with multiples hot air outlets


Application for the equipment

B-Max telefon applikáció


  • Check the system status and receive
    in case of alarm
  • Display and set the temperature
  • Monitor the operating power
  • Set the operating times according to your needs
  • Contact support with a simple click
  • Menu access