Celsius P-V 25 Design boiler

Celsius P-V 25 Design boiler
Celsius P-V 25 Design boiler
Celsius P-V 25 Design boiler
Celsius P-V 25 Design boiler
Celsius P-V 25 Design boiler
Celsius P-V 25 Design boiler
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Celsius P-V 25 Design boiler

Firing door size: 250x320 mm with heat resistant glass

Maximum heat output: 24 kW

Indoor boiler is able to connected in heating system.

Built-in with heating system units.


This boiler is suitable for family houses, small apartments with pump heating. The P-V25 is the designed to be installed in the house, it does not require a separate boiler room. The classic design of the P-V 25 boiler makes it a perfect choice to install in living space. The middle door is made of heat resistant glass therefore the sight of flag fire is similar to the fire in an open fireplace, however this boiler can heat up the whole flat or house.
The specialty of this boiler is that all the units necessary for the heating system are integrated in its back.


Technical equipment of boiler:

  • Closed expansion tank (about 18 L) (Depending on heating system an additional expansion tank might
    be necessary in the heating system.)
  • Grundfos circulating pump UPM3 (25-70)
  • 2 pieces of pump hollander with tap
  • Safety valve (2 bar)
  • Anti-boiling security fitting
  • Immersion pump thermostat (55°C)
  • Thermometer
  • Automatic draught regulator
  • Automatic filling/draining tap
  • Boiler safety valve 1”


Properties of Celsius P-V 25 design boiler:

  • Aesthetic color and appearance.
  • It's able to connect to any type of heating systems (radiator, floor heating, wall heating, heating combined with solar panel, heating combined with gas boiler).
  • High efficiency 78-82 % (under 20% related moisture content wood).
  • It could connect to closed and open systems.
  • The firebox is made from 5 mm thick heat-resistant steel.
  • The design boiler has big firebox that makes it more comfortable to use.
  • Insulated boiler body.
  • It's equipped with security fittings.
  • Explosion protection.
  • Maximum 2 bar operating pressure (2 bar safety valve equipped).
  • Hot domestic water supply is solvable depending on heating system formation.
  • Buffer tank use could make the heating system more comfortable, adjustable (controlling by room thermostat) and decrease the daily fuel consumption.


Recommended fuels:
Wood, wooden briquettes, waste paper, (coal periodically)






Maximum output (kW)


Firing door size (mm)


Heating system dependant heatable air-space (m3)


Fuel dependant efficiency (%)


Heatin water connection (”)


Uptake connection (mm)


Height (mm)


Width (mm)


Depth (mm)


Weight (kg)


Water volume (l)


Max. operation pressure (bar)


Max. operation temperature (°C)


Test pressure (bar)


Draught demand (mbar)


Firebox size (mm)









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