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T6 zone controller

T6 zone controller

E T6 zone controller

  • The T6 controller controls a floor central heating (CH) system.Additionally to turning ON/OFF actuators mounted on mixing valves of the CH floor system,the controller may also turn the CH boiler and circulation pump OFF if all heating loops areOFF. The controller may cooperate with wired EUROSTER room thermostats and 230 VAC normally closed (NC) valve actuators in CH loops.



    Controlled devices valve actuators, CH pump, CH boiler
    Power supply 230 V 50 Hz
    Rated output (combined) load 3 A 230 V 50 Hz
    Rated power consumption 1,7 W
    Status visualization LED diodes
    Operating temperature range +5°C...+40°C
    Storage temperature range 0°C...+65°C
    IP rating IP 40, class II protection against electric shocks
    Colour white
    Mount method wall-mounted, wall plugs or DIN rail
    Weight (including power cable)  0,356 kg
    Certificates/standards complies with the EMC and LVD Directives
    Warranty period 2 years
    Dimensions (W/H/D) mm 270/97/50
    Packing list Euroster T6 230 V controller, wall plugs, instructions




















  • Weight
    500 g/db
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