PellasX 100 REVO burner equipment

PellasX 100 REVO burner equipment
PellasX 100 REVO burner equipment
PellasX 100 REVO burner equipment
PellasX 100 REVO burner equipment
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Parts of PellasX burner equipment:

⇒ burner

⇒ fitter ring

⇒ screw feeder

⇒ touch screen

⇒ sensors

⇒ pellet tank (600l)


PellasX 100 REVO pellet burner


The burners are made of heat and acid resistant steel with high quality parts. It can be connected to Celsius B 100 pellet boiler.


Technical solutions for REVO burners:

  • Hybrid system - fuel and air are supplied in synchronized fashion - the amount of fuel added is proportional to the amount of air added and vice versa;
  • Air deflector system - delivers accurate air supply to the combustion chamber and extends its life;
  • Thermal expansion compensation system - prevents pipe system clogging;
  • Pressurized combustion system - the system injects air directly into the center of the combustion chamber, reducing the likelihood of flame drop;
  • Broadband lambda probe - improves combustion efficiency and reduces fuel consumption.
  • Low power consumption / efficient energy use
  • Constant ash self-cleaning
  • Automatic restart in case of current fluctuation


Parts of burner:


PellasX pelletégő


  1. Combustion chambers
  2. Heat-resistant steel conduit
  3. Air supply system (made of heat-resistant plastic)
  4. X-PLUG control connector socket
  5. Supply
  6. Feed tube quick connector (clockwise locking - anti-clockwise removal)



Required pellets can meet fuel requirements: DIN plus or DIN 51731.

DIN + requirements:


  • Diameter: 4-8 mm, on average 6 mm
  • Length: 5 x diameter
  • Humidity: max. 10 %
  • Ash: max. 0,5 %




PellasX REVO burner characteristics:



  • Pressurized combustion system technology, built-in flame retardant;
  • Burner temperature sensor;
  • Flexible dosing tube - melts in flame stroke so no more fuel can enter the burner;


  • Hybrid System - reduced electricity consumption, fuel in full synchronization with air;
  • Air deflector system - delivers accurate air supply to the combustion chamber and extends its life;
  • Automatic return to previous settings after power failure;
  • Heat-resistant steel firing chamber;


Modern control system

  • Automated operation: ignition, cleaning, flame monitoring
  • Continuous (electronic) power control
  • Combustion control with broadband lambda probe (optional)
  • Low CO and CO2 emissions
  • Low power consumption
  • Low heat inertia factor
  • High firing efficiency - up to 99%
  • Precise flame detector
  • Compatible with automatic oil and gas boilers and oven ovens
  • Cyclical exhaust fan (does not ventilate the boiler)


The PellasX Controller can provide simpler systems without the need for an additional module (Module B, C).


Celsius rendszer



PellasX equipment with optional modules (B, C optional)

PellasX - Celsius rendszer


Output: 30 - 100 kW
Power supply: 85 W
Weight: 29,5 kg
Noise level: 72 dB
Screw feeder length: 2 m
Fuel: 6-8mm pellet
Combustion efficiency: 96 - 99%
Draught demand: 25 Pa
Power control: Yes
Boiler pump management: Yes
DHW pump management: Yes
Mixingvalve management: Yes


Optional features: Lambda probe, buffer treatment, reserve dosing treatment (silos), room temperature sensor, return temperature sensor, flue gas temperature sensor, weather dependent control automation.




PellasX 100 pelletégő méretek

Pellet tank - 600 liter (width x depth x height - cm): (84,5x84,5x161,5)



Touch control and screw feeder of PellasX 100 mini REVO:


Celsius - PellasX touch control


Celsius - PellasX felhordó csiga



Display in operation:


PellasX pellet burner display


  1. Profiles
  2. Boiler temperature
  3. Boiler set temperature
  4. Enter "menu" button
  5. Informations
  6. Set DHW cylinder temperature
  7. Measured temperature of DHW cylinder
  8. Time, date
  9. Outdoor thermometer (weather)
  10. Functions affecting boiler set temperature


PellasX burner safety system:

  • Burner temperature sensor (above 90 ° C automatic shutdown and fan switching to 100% power),
  • Overpressure burning system technology,
  • Feed pipe connection,
  • Flexible dosing tube.



Optional units:

Additional B modul

Additional C modul



Celsius - PellasX modul B, C