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Honeywell draft regulator FR 124-3/4 AM

Honeywell draft regulator FR 124-3/4 AM
  • Honeywell draft regulator FR 124-3/4 AM

Honeywell draft regulator FR 124-3/4 AM

  • Advantages:

    • Mechanically powerful and strong heat-resistant design;
    • Possibility of installation in any situation (horizontal and vertical);
    • The qualitative thermostatic element is a guarantee of high precision and durability of regulators of temperature.


    The mechanical regulator of draft FR124 from the famous German producer of Honeywell is intended for adjustment of power of the coppers working at solid fuel by control of the air supply gate in the combustion chamber. The established chain on Honeywell FR124 temperature regulator, opens or closes the valve of access of air supply to the combustion chamber at changes of temperature, that reducing or increasing the power of a solid propellant copper. Thanks to a thermostatic element which is established on the handle the set temperature is maintained. Installation of the regulator of draft perhaps in horizontal or vertical position.

    Connection: 3/4"
    Maximum water temperature: 115 °C
    Operating temperature range: 30 - 90 °C
    Maximum environmental temperature: 70 °C
    Chain length: 1000 mm
    Load of a chain: 100 - 600 g
    Immersion sleeve length: 53 mm

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