Celsius DH fresh water modul - programmable

Celsius DH fresh water modul - programmable
Celsius DH fresh water modul - programmable
Celsius DH fresh water modul - programmable
Celsius DH fresh water modul - programmable
Celsius DH fresh water modul - programmable
Celsius DH fresh water modul - programmable
Celsius DH fresh water modul - programmable
Celsius DH fresh water modul - programmable
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The equipment (20l/min) makes immediately fresh hot water, because it does not store water.

Programmable version


Celsius fresh domestic hot water modul with electronic (programmable)

mixing valve 20l/min


Application: on the inertial cylinders or similar, connected to solar thermal installations, wood, pellets, biomass boilers etc. It provides fresh hot domestic water, avoiding phenomena of bacterial pollution, such as the legionnaire’s disease etc., made by the stagnation of the hot water. Control and management of the integration source of the water tank in order to maintain the water temperature at the lowest necessary level. Optimization of control of return temperature to storage tank thanks to the control for diverting valve (the valve is optional).


Product description:
This unit, by a special electronic controller, modulates the speed of the primary circulating pump, from a minimum speed of 10% up to 100%, in order to provide always a precise temperature of the exploitation of the water (f.i. 45°C). The variation of the requested flow is suddenly recorded by a digital sensor that gives the inputs of the flow and the temperature to the electronic controller, modulating the speed of the circulating pump accordingly.



  • 50 kW, with variable flow from 1 up to 20 l/min, suitable for domestic use installations;
  • High efficiency circulating pump and control of return temperature of primary loop by a diverting valve (optional);
  • Function of thermostat integration of the storage tank: it activates the energy source in case water temperature of the storage tank does not comply with set up timetables;
  • External sensor boxes to connect easily external sensors and relays.
  • Delivered water temperature: 45°C with a supply water temperature
  • of 10°C. Consequently the power is about 98 kW at the flow of 40 l/min. Anyway the temperature of the DHW is adjustable every single degree up to 70°C;
  • The minimum requested inlet temperature to the heat exchanger is 60°C in order to guarantee the declared performaces to the maximum flow (with 35 K thermal Δt);
  • A big surface heat exchanger weld-braised plate made in stainless steel AISI 316 guarantees a remarkable thermal exchange that allows a water return to the puffer with a temperature until 20°C. This favours a perfect heatig power from the solar or heating pump contribution;
  • Available with our without recycling circulating pump (funcioning “on request” or “by time bands”; adjustable temperature until 40°C);
  • Synchronous high efficiency recycling way circulating pump (in the models where it is present);
  • The heat exchanger can be easily removed in case of maintenance and/of cleaning;
  • A digital sensor allows an accurate power recording (total, yearly, monthly, weekly and daily);
  • PPE insulation box (398 x 500 x 207 mm). A special back plate fixes the unit to the insulation box and it allows a quick fitting to the wall or to the solar cylinder;
  • The pump unit is supplied with 3/4” Male connections (pipe-union).


Technical details:


Max. operating pressure


Operating temperature

-2°C ↔ +95°C

Headloss in the secondary circuit at the flow of 20l/min


Headloss in the recycling circuit at the flow of 5l/min


Minimum diamater size of the pipes


(for the recycling line DN15)



Fresh DHW modul with electronic control different hydraulic schemes:


Delivery of DHW


Delivery of DHW with recycling


Delivery of DHW with recycling and additional thermostat function


Delivery of DHW with recycling and control of return temperature


Delivery of DHW with recycling, additional thermostat function  and control of return temperature


Junction boxes:












Relay box Sensor box  



Performance diagram:


Vertical axis: mass flow (liter/minute)

Horizontal axis: input heating water temperature (°C)

(Input fresh water temperature is 10°C)


The necessary buffer heating water’s temperature = planned HDW temperature + 10K
It assures the necessary HDW longer time in base higher Δt.


The buffer temperature must be almost 5 K higher than the desired temperature of the domestic
water. Bigger temperature differences allow to extend the tapping time.