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Euroster 813 control unit

Euroster 813 control unit

Euroster 813 control unit for primary heating system

  • Euroster 813 controller



    Operating principle:
    The EUROSTER 813 control unit is a universal microprocessor controller with graphical display. The controller is responsible for the pump to operate on the basis of the difference between the set temperatures. It is possible to set up in the control an automatic disinfection function.


    The control is responsible to turn on the pump on the basis of the difference between the set temperatures to ensure that the container is warmed by only the surplus heat, thus making energy savings.
    The controller has a variety of automatic emergency circuit options.


    You can set the emergency value of solar ebullience. There's an automatic vacation mode available, which takes care of cooling the storage to the set value, overheated by the solar system. This mode is important, if the storage is not used on a daily basis and ebullience of the solar panel will be induced. The keyboard of the control unit is lockable in the purpose of protection of your set parameters, which can cause an error.


    The controller has a security sensor testing, if sensor sings, it will automatically trigger the pumps, preventing the ebullience. The controller has a sensor calibration mode, which allows you to avoid false temperature measurement by the long lines.


    Treatment of controller
    The graphics display of the EUROSTER 813 controller makes it easy to set up the controller. The options of setting the controller:
    - Pressing the +/- buttons at the same time you can reach the menu.
    - Pressing the -/ok buttons at the same time you can lock the keyboard.
    - Pressing the +/ok buttons at the same time you can reach the manual mode, pressing the /+ button you can select the manually accessible devices.


    After entering the menu you can set the following values:

    • time
    • disinfection (on/off)
    • modes
    • maximum emergency starting temperature of collector or boiler
    • minimal starting temperature of pump
    • maximum temperature of storage
    • starting and shutdown temperature of solar delta T
    • temperature of storage/hysteresis
    • calibration of solar sensor
    • calibration of storage sensor


    Controller can be applied to:
    In the case of Vacuum-tube control plane collector, mixed-fired boilers and buffers.
    The pump must not be interrupted by other equipment!





    Operating voltage

    230V, 50Hz

    Rated vattage


    Output load of circuit pump


    Emergency starting temp

    60-190 C

    Min. starting temperature of pump

    15-40 C

    Storage max. temperature

    0-100 C

    Delta T pump starting (on)

    3-20 C

    Delta T pump shutdown

    1-18 C

    Storage temperature

    10-100 C

    Storage hysteresis

    2-20 C







    Cables and sensors of E 813 controller:




  • Weight
    600 g/db
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