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E Q7 TXRX room thermostat

E Q7 TXRX room thermostat

E Q7 TXRX wireless programmable room thermostat

  • E Q7 TXRX wireless room thermostat


    Q7 room thermostat


    • Easy handling and commissioning
    • LCD screen
    • Modern microprocessor controller
    • Wireless
    • Sensor calibration
    • Potential independent output (open/close)
    • It can control one equipment (gas boiler, valve, pump)
    • Cooling/heating
    • Modes: absence, holiday, constant ventilation, eco
    • Connection of external sensor
    • Minimum/maximum limit
    • Weekly programming
    • Hours of operation display
    • Frost protection
    • Hysteresis cooling/heating/floor 0,1–5 °C
    • Self-learning



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