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E 11M controller

E 11M controller

Euroster 11M controller

LCD screen, 230 V, control of 3- and 4-way valve, anti-stop function, room thermostat function, boiler and system safety, overboil protection.


    Euroster 11M



    Electronic, programmable controller designed for control of a three-way valve with actuator and CH circulation pump. It automatically maintains a constant temperature at a preset level or ensures a proper temperature of water in return piping in a CH system with coal-fired boiler. Possibility to connect a room thermostat. E11M controller is equipped with an AntiStop function which prevents seizure of the idle pump and valve rotor.


    Controller function

    • keeps constant water temperature: in the central heating
      circuit or in boiler return
    • possibility of connecting room regulator
    • Anti-Stop function to protect pumps and valve against
    • frost protection
    • pump operation test
    • temperature reading correction


    EUROSTER 11M operates in one of the two modes: heating medium temperature regulation (e.g. in floor heating) or return temperature stabilization. Operation mode is changed when restoring factory settings, provided for each of the modes.

    Set 1: intended for system with heating medium temperature regulation

    Set 2 intended for system with return temperature regulation



    Euroster 11M vezérlőegység


    Technical specifications:

    • Power supply: 230V, 50Hz
    • Device controlled: mixing valve actuator, CH pump
    • Rated output load: 3 A 230 V 50 Hz
    • Rated power consumption: 1,6W
    • Operating temperature range: 5-40°C
    • Storage temperature range: 0-65°C
    • Temperature measurement range: 0-110°C
    • Temperature control range: 10-70°C (CH temperature congrol mode)
    • Temperature limit of starting pump unit: 20-80°C
    • Temperature control hysteresis: 2-10°C
    • Temperature control accuracy: 1°C
    • IP rating: IP40
    • Status visualization: backlit LCD
    • Colour: black
    • Mount method: wall-mounted, wall plugs
    • Weight (controller with cables): 0,76 kg
    • Certificates/standards: complies with the EMC and LVD Directives
    • Dimensions (W/HxD) mm: 150/90/52
    • Packing list: Euroster 11M controller, wall plugs, instructions,
      mounting template, sensor bands


  • Weight
    1 kg/db
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