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11E controller

11E controller

Central heating/Utility hot water system pump controller


    Euroster 11E pump controller


    11E vezérlő egység


    Central heating/Utility hot water system pump controller


    Euroster 11E is a modern microprocessor-based controller used to control central heating (CH) system pump or utility hot water (UHW) system pump.

    The Euroster 11E controller features the ANTY STOP function that prevents idle pump rotors against seizing. Once the heating season is over, every 14 days the function automatically turns ON the pumps for 30 seconds. To that end the controller must be left powered up.


    The Euroster 11E controller may be operated in two modes: it may control CH system pump or UHW system pump. In the former mode the CH system pump is engaged if sensor temperature has exceeded the preset limit. In the latter mode the UHW system pump is kept running until sensor temperature reaches the preset value.

    • Set 1 has been complied for layouts in which CH system pump is control,
    • Set 2 has been complied for layouts in which UHW pump is controlled.


    Connection diagrams


    Central heating pump control mode:



    1. Euroster 11E controller
    2. CH boiler
    3. Heat source temperature sensor
    4. CH pump
    5. Radiator (heat load)


    Domestic hot water pump control mode:


    11E hot water diagram


    1. Euroster 11E controller
    2. DHW tank temperature sensor
    3. DHW tank
    4. DHW pump
    5. CH (wood pellet) boiler
    6. CH pump
    7. Radiator (heat load)



    Elements of the controller:


    11E display


    1. Name of the controlled parameter
    2. Heat source (boiler) 
    3. Manual operation mode (icon lit while the temperature is manually controlled)
    4. Alarm – (icon blinks in case of an alarm)
    5. State of the heat source
    6. DHW system pump icon lit while the pump is running
    7. CH system pump icon lit while the pump is running (CH system control mode)
    8. Heat source and other parameter value
    9. DHW tank temperature sensor icon
    10. Menu option number


    Technical features:


    Min. temperature Max. temperature
    Controlled temperature 20 80
    Hysteresis 2 10
    Temperature sensor correction -5 5
    Manual operation 0 (off) 1 (on)



    Operating voltage 230V, 50Hz
    Rated wattage 1,6W
    Output load of circuit pump 200W
    Potential independent output 100W
    Environmental temperature 0 - 65°C
    Temperature measurement range 0 - 110°C
    Operation temperature range 20 - 80°C
    Hysteresis 2 - 10°C
    Temperature accuracy 1°C
    Protection IP40
    Display LCD


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