Ecomat 70 pellet burner

Ecomat 70 pellet burner
Ecomat 70 pellet burner
Ecomat 70 pellet burner
Ecomat 70 pellet burner
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Ecomat 70 kW automatic pellet burner

with grate cleaning


Ecomat pellet burners can also be added to the Celsius Combi boiler. Ecomat burners require a pellet door with different parameters than other burners!

Ecomat pellet burner properties:

  • Automatic fire compartment ignition and extinction.
  • Photosensitive flame monitoring.
  • Automatic pellet metering.
  • Movable grate (longitudinal movement in pellet burner combustion chamber in cleaning mode), see description below.
  • Saving settings for several types of pellets or pellet quality.


Ecomat pellet burners can be used low quality (not DIN+ and higher slag content) wood pellets and also other pellets. Thanks to the "moving grate" technique, the residual waste material fall from the grate to the bottom of the burner when the grate is retracted in cleaning mode. Then, in a second step, it is pushed out, pushing the residual waste out of the combustion chamber.


Ecomat pelletégőPellet burner in the front (combustion chamber)



Power range (kW) 22 - 75
Efficiency (%) 98
Recommended pellet size diameter - length (mm) 6 - 25
Electric power consumption (W/h) 50
Electrical connection (V AC / Hz) 230 / 50
Maximum pellet consumption (kg) 20
Filament lifetime (cycle) 20 000


Ecomat pelletégő

Ecomat pellet burner without envelope



Ecomat vezérlőEcomat pellet burner controller